Traditionally, the idea of clicking photographs was quite rare, some great people getting themselves in a picture with the great achievements they were entitled to. It gradually progressed making it a moment to capture the gathering of people on different occasions like marriages, celebrations or simply a family photo to make it a part of the album.

Then, the invention of cameras made people independent of the professionals, and now they could walk with a digital camera anywhere they go and make the ‘few’ to a bunch of photographs.

But, even for digital cameras the presence of a person to be on the other side to do it for you; intensifies the thought that what if you go somewhere alone? A heartily thanks to the entire mobile manufacturing industry to ease us with the small gift- ‘camera’ in the phone to simplify this, and to not bother us with the feel of not having a digital camera or a DSLR, although some may not compromise on the picture quality in the phone. But luckily, the innovations are going excellent to provide us with the best quality pixels.

With the advent of the term coined for the ‘self-capturing’ facility in the phones, people now click pictures with their family, friends, colleagues, animals (pets), vehicles etc. There are social networking sites which help them get applauds from the audience they add into it.

The generation now is so much indulged into this creative world of self visualization that they even take pictures with new lipstick tried, new ear rings bought, nail paint, shades, shorts, hair colour, hair style, with shirt and without shirt, loose hair and tied hair. The list doesn’t end here, youth have started clicking selfies in trial rooms of malls, washrooms with the mirror effect, and if nothing, just standing on the road side is enough for the post of the day.


Getting inspired by the on-screen beauty divas is always a joy. We often fill our hearts just by the beauty they hold. Most of us also possess the desire to look that way. The photo editing apps have even helped most of us with the readymade makeup through their apps. For once, I’d defend the girls believing that it is a way of beautified self visualization and everyone loves to look fair due to the narrow perception on skin tones. Let’s not discuss about it now, but how does this sham help?

A fact that is overlooked by the most of the youth today is that, people who love and care for you will always do no matter how you look. And those who simply crave for your outer charm don’t even matter anyway. We hardly realize that the physical attractiveness fades with time; the way you look today is not the way you may look years later. Why struggle hard to impress others? If you can impress anyone, the way is to influence them positively with your behaviour and personality.

A recent case of Mumbai claims the depth of this obsessive fun where the selfie craze wrapped the lives of 3 girls on the Marine drive and also the person who jumped into the water to help them. All I ask is why go for something that can cost you a life? Are we not happy with the way we are without these innovations in our hand pieces? Whom are we trying to imprint our beauty on?

However, the fact remains profound that, in this century where people fear their lives due to natural calamities and uncertainties, the youth is inclined towards risking their lives with the obsession of portraying themselves in a way that might be just artificial. In addition to this, there are cases where the selfie games have been proved fatal. The solution to this may never arrive, but there has to be an end to the negative side of this charming trap. The people viewing this with one eye must also get an exposure to the resulting detriment.


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