After yesterday’s Diwali party, I’m still disturbed. I woke up and had my normal routine. We all went to college in spite of being a Saturday as we had an internal exam today.  We all were busy with books and went to the college bus.

After sometime we reached the college. I along with my friends entered the exam hall. Our teacher looked at us and smiled. I immediately go t that he have planned something for us. He arranged seats in such a way that all of us were dispersed in such a manner that we can’t help each other. So, we took our seats and the exam began.

After a while I completed my paper. I checked it and submitted it. Finally came out of the hall. As soon as I came out of the hall and took my bag, my phone started ringing. I took out my mobile and as expected it was Shaggy. I picked up the call.

Shaggy : O chipkali, kaha hai tu?
Me : Just exam deke nikli hu. Tu kaha hai tu?
Shaggy :  Main tere class ke niche hu. Jaldi nikal.
Me : Bus nikal gayi. Tu hai kaha?
Shaggy : Gadhi, piche ghum.

I turned back and saw Shaggy. I immediately hugged him. He could sense that I was really upset. He pulled by my hand and said, ” O meri chipkali, kya hua? Udhar chal baat kartein hain.” I followed him and tears started rolling down my eyes. “Gadhi mat ro. Bol kya hua? Kal ka incident ko leke upset hain?” Shaggy asked with concern. I nodded my head in affirmation. He comforted me and said , “Yaar tu chinta na kar. Swasti se baat kar. Every thing will be fine. If still problem continues, just let me know. I will help you out. Aab mere sath market chal for shopping. Mujhe apne friends ke liye gifts lena hai. Aur tere shakkal dekh ke malum ho ri hai ki tune toh pakka kuch khaya nahi hoga… Shopping ke baad hum khane chalenge. “Shaggy said. I was about to say that I won’t have food. But then… Shaggy said, “You won’t say anything now about not having food. If you dare to say I will kick your butt. ” I kept quiet. We both went for shopping,  had good time and finally had our brunch. In course of time I was feeling good after a long time. Shaggy even came with me till my hostel to drop me and pick some of his friends.

After coming back to hostel, I shared my feelings with Swasti and cleared all misunderstanding. We hugged each other and cried. Swasti said that she was not in her senses and so she said all that. She even said she knows how it feels to be in midway. We decided that aagey jo hoga dekha jayega. Swasti even said that she was happy to see my closeness with Arjun. Finally, I am feeling good. Thanks to both Swasti and Shaggy.

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