Harley Dabbs was only 2 years old when 85% of her body was burnt. The doctors had said that there was only a 2% chance that she could survive. But she is a survivor for sure, and an inspiration for many.

1. She grew up in Eden, North Carolina, where she was bullied by her acquaintances

At present she is 21 and an inspiration for many.



2. Dabbs now and when she was a child

She said in an interview “going to school or just out in public was very hard for me… I couldn’t handle the stares and comments people would make.”



3. She confessed having suicidal thoughts during that tough phase

However, she is at peace now. “God allowed me to live and I believe He allowed this – I’m supposed to help others, burned or not, realize they’re beautiful regardless of what society portrays. I hope to become a nurse and motivational speaker to help others”




4. This Phoenix tattoo in her back speaks of her true spirit

We salute her!



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