She was different in the way sunflowers are different from roses. She wanted to travel to unknown lands and live life as if there was nothing to hold her back. She dreamt of those huge mountains and deep blue oceans, chasing unicorns and laying down in green meadows. She wanted to feel the touch of the raindrops on her face, and hear the sounds of the birds chirping away.


She wished to run down the hills and climb on trees, she dreamt of a life way beyond the practicalities. She longed to bask in the sun and spot those shooting stars at night. For her life was different in ways undefined .

You could not tame her or lock her down, because her spirit was like that eagle soaring to heights. She was that wild passion and like that powerful flame, that had in it the power to consume everything within.


She was like the girls you meet in the strange points of your dream, one that leaves you awestruck and becomes a mystery. She was different from the other girls you boast about knowing and date. She is the one you meet at the horizon as Destiny plans the right way.