Hey people,

How are you? I hope you are doing well.

But you are thinking who am I??

So let me introduce myself.

I am that encouraging light that inspires you,

When you face a big failure.

I am that hope that helps a patient,

When the medical science can’t find a cure.

I am that support that helps you to fight,

When you are in a big tension.

I am that fighting spirit,

When you are facing your fear.

And my presence can give

Your life a boost and a cheer.

Some consider me a symbol of beauty

And for some I am their job and duty.

I have the power to light up every situation

Irrespective of every condition.

I accompany everyone to everywhere.

Even I am with you here,

And also with the person sitting right there.

Yes! I am a magic wand.

But all of you possess me.

And most interestingly all of you can get or send me

That too in free.

Still you can’t identify me??

Okay…okay… I am that little curve on your lips

Which makes your eyes glitter

And your world shimmers.

I am your smile

Who can turn your life magical in a while.


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