Next morning my brothers arrived. I jumped in joy. I was crying in happiness. I could not express my happiness. I hugged them. It has been almost a year that I have not met them. And they are finally here to meet me. I made them sit. “Bhaiyon kya khana aur pina pasand krenge aap log?”, I asked them. They smiled and said to me, “Hamare rehte huye hamari behen kaam karegi. .. Asambhav! !! We will cook. You go and sit.” “No…no…not done. … you all are here in my place. So, I will cook now.”, I demanded. They shouted, “We will cook and you will rest.” I said to them, “Okay. Listen bhai log, breakfast bana leti hu main. Lunch se kitchen is all yours. And shaam ko party. Drinks I will get and no arguments on that. Now you people go and get freshen up . Tab tak breakfast ban jayega. And the one who will be done with freshening up first will come and help me in the kitchen. And please manage with only 2 washrooms.” I said this and moved in to the kitchen for making breakfast. My brothers went for freshening up.

While I was making breakfast, Nakul Bhaiya came in to help me. “Little rockstar, what’s cooking?” I replied, “Nothing much. Just garlic bread, pasta in white sauce, some salad, tea, coffee and juices.” Nakul Bhaiya got stunned. He said to me, “Itna sab kiske liye? So many beverages why?” I smiled and replied, “Sab aap logo ke liye. Don’t talk much bhaiya. Just help me in cutting the salads.”

Both of us were talking and making the breakfast. We laughed a lot.  By the time all my other brothers were done , breakfast was ready on the table. Nakul Bhaiya said, “Bhaiyon, Aaj ka lazeez breakfast hamari pyari behen ne banaya hai toh isiliye khane ka anand le. Aur lunch Pulkit aur Abhi bnayega. Hum baki log shaam ka intezaam karenge aur hamari pyari girlfriends bhi pohochti hogi tab tak.” I jumped in joy by hearing that my soul sisters aka Pulkit bhaiya’s girlfriend Pratiksha di and Nakul bhaiya’s girlfriend Kriya di is coming. I was so happy to see our family together again. We all ate our breakfast. Everyone relished and appreciated my cooking.

After that we quickly cleaned the dishes. Pulkit bhaiya and Abhi bhaiya went to the kitchen for making the lunch. Rest three of us sat in the balcony, talking about our recent lives. While we were talking, we saw Pratiksha di and Kriya di coming. I quickly went and opened the door. We welcomed them. We all sat and chatted. After some time, both the didis went to freshen up. Lunch was almost ready.

Suddenly, Nakul Bhaiya came to me and gave me a letter. It was a letter from Arjun. I opened it. It was a sorry letter.
Before I could react anything, our calling bell rang again. I opened the door. It was Arjun.

…..to be continued