She was silence, a dead soul

Unnoticed in the cacophony.

He was chaos that nothing could control,

Coloring the world, adding to its beauty.

She was the quiet, the unheard,

The tune unsung, buried in the noise;

He was the cheerful song bird,

With Life itself as his voice.

She never believed in love and care

Until her eyes fell on him;

His music dispelling her despair

Her raging fears, now burning dim.

His smiles were her comfort,

His arms, her solace.

His voice ringing clear, with each note,

Made her heart race.

She learnt to listen closely

To the melodies that her heart played.

As did he, to accept happily

Between the notes, the silence that stayed.

For he knew that, without it,

The music would lose its worth.

With her close, his world was lit

Their love, the song of the Earth.



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