‘Soul mates’ whenever this word strikes our ear, the first thing that comes to our mind is a couple who have been together and love each other immensely. But for me, my Soul mate is not my boyfriend. In my case I don’t have a soul mate rather I have soul mates. My soul mates are that two beautiful ladies with beautiful souls.

I feel to be someone’s soul mate you need to understand his/her soul in its purest form. You always don’t need to share your feelings with the, sometimes they just look into your eyes and can read your silence. They are the one with whom you share your little issues to the biggest issues of your life. My soul mates have all the criteria of being a perfect soul mate.

These two beautiful ladies are always with me. They sometimes act like my mother and scold me for making silly mistakes and also pampers me when I fall ill. They sometimes become my lover and surprises me with all those pretty things and sometimes we even go for dates. These pretty girls have been staying with me from the last two years. Yes, soul mates are always special someone….. my soul mates are also very special to me. They are the real angels of my life. Because after they stepped into my life I am always learning something new and always getting inspiration to do my stuffs in a better way.

These two beautiful angels are my friends and room-mates. They are my Soul-Mates!!! I love you, loves.

Soul mates in Friends


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