After going in her own way in her life, Alison never thought about her relation, that relationship which she wanted to have with Deepak, who was her first crush, not even her first love but it was her first crush.

But like first love, first crush always last in someone’s life for his or her lifetime.
Something wired started happening with Alison, she started missing Deepak and also his presence in her life. She felt that there something’s empty in her life… It was wired for her all this because it was happening to her for the first time. For the first time because of someone’s absence, she was feeling empty within herself.
One fine day when she was on her way to her school, she saw a guy who’s physical appearance was like that of Deepak’s. Height not too tall nor too short, fair skin, hair neatly made and firm strong body…but when she reached to that person, she sees that it wasn’t Deepak but one of her cousin.

All her thoughts which were there in her mind for Deepak just vanished at that very moment from her mind. For a moment she was just lost but her emotions were hurt, about which she couldn’t blame anyone nor she could talk about it.
She wanted to get in touch with him but she didn’t even had his contact  number. There was not a single way with her to be in touch with him. As the coaching class was over so all the contacts or the connection of people between them was also over.
But once again they met as if the Destiny wanted both of them to meet again.

But this time the place was different. It was her younger brother’s school, she was there with her father to pay his brother’s school fee. As winter were going on, she went to the school playground just to have some warmth of the Sun. And co-incidentally at that time 10th and 12th standard students were having there exams. She was just roaming around the ground until a gut passed her a smile… that was the same smile which she was missing after that coaching class of her.
She did smile back in respond to the smile of that guy. That  guy was at a distant therefore she couldn’t make out who that guy was and never she thought that it would be him.
But as soon as the guy was making his moves towards her, her heartbeats started beating much faster and louder. Yes! It was him, he was giving his 12th standard exam. He said Hi! To her but once again because of her shyness she couldn’t say anything to him, instead she said all the best to him and then her cheeks were red as usual, whenever she saw him…and she watched him until he got disappeared in the school building.
Like a small child she was feeling very happy as if a child have been given his or her favorite toy, that much happy was she about which she couldn’t express to anyone and only one person knew about this feelings of her it was her personal diary. For her, her personal diary was not a regular diary, but it was someone living, a human for her or say a friend for her, with whom she used to share her feelings.


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