Here is  a story  about a girl whose name is ‘Alison’ and she’s a very simple kind of a girl. The type of girl which every parents yearned  their child to be. She had never done anything that would hurt people around her. Even though some people used her for making their own work done she seldom  argued with them, only because of all the moral values that she had learned through her life. From childhood she had been appreciated by everyone , be it regarding her hard work, discipline or for her behavior. But there was something that was hurting her from within (mental state ) that there is something wrong with her.

What was wrong with her ?

She never  knew , as she didn’t share her feelings with anyone nor with her family members nor with her friends. Every one use to complain about her that she never talked to anyone, some people also thought that she couldn’t speak. She was so innocent that you could make her commit a crime without her knowledge. Her daily routine was not as similar to that of every girl, her daily routine was little extra ordinary which was that , like every child she used to go school and from there direct to her home, she would have her lunch and then she would start her studies like everychild.

You would be wondering that what was extra ordinary about this. In  her colony where she used to live if children are playing she would not play with them nor even talk to them, she would always keep to herself. Although she studied in a  girls only school she couldn’t talk to a girl or form friendship with them and even after having a brother she couldn’t talk to boys .

She was a very shy  person. In her life there was no one to give her proper guidance regarding who she was and who she wanted to be, which led her to be a tomboy. For her this was something cool  and different and this was something how she gained popularity among her classmates and friends, but there was still something missing in her life that was  – her voice !

She was so shy that it took her 16 years to talk with someone.

To be continued…

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