Success has been a source of inspiration for the mankind since ages. We ace something desired & thus, achieve success in it. Success is a dream come true for everyone. However,  this term holds different meaning to different people. To some, it’s about scoring good marks; to some it’s about setting up their dream venture; for some it’s about money and to some it’s an obsession.

Everyone craves to succeed in some field or other. Success is a drive to motivate us towards achieving more. However, it’s not necessarily a positive aspect. Like every other stuff in this world, success can also be positive or negative.”Negative!” The word seems possibly strange for SUCCESS, isn’t it?

Precisely,  success is healthy until it’s a source of inspiration. Getting obsessed with success is like a shrill noise in the peaceful course of life. It’s often said, “DREAM BIG TO ACHIEVE BIG.” But, this is also a truth that our forefathers say, “one should cut their coat according to their cloth” (one should not go beyond their capacity).

We students have had a similar meaning of success since generations.  For us, getting best scores in the class is success; When we grow up, cracking SSB, IFS, MBS, IPS and other such prestigious fields and establishing our own different image becomes our obsession.However, success is not only about achieving the best when we have all the situations favourable. There are several people who are neither rich, nor famous and definitely, they’ve never  got their name mentioned in a national daily but that doesn’t means that they are unsuccessful.

In fact, they too have lived amazing lives. Because, having an inner feeling of satisfaction is success. So, what if they don’t earn a hefty income? At least,  they’ve earned the joy of their families and the peace of their souls. The notion mentioned above must not be confused with the message of remaining idle and not doing anything.  Sometimes,  the situations are unfavourable but “SUCCESS” is about moulding them into favourable situations and achieving everything we desire.

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