Puddings, Beauticians and Anti-Torture : June 26

Today marks the final Sunday of June and probably the year seems to pass by in a swift manner. As always, this day is also marked by some interesting days and celebrations, which are as follows:

1) June 26th has been declared as “International Day in Support of Victims of Torture”. This day was introduced in 1997 by the United Nations, in wake of terrorizing torture spread across the globe, and a measure required to curb the henious and inhuman activities that are performed in the shadows of national security, and other varying reasons. This day has come into effect since then, and awareness is spread regarding Anti- Torture or any such practice. All we can do, from our part, is not to let any people suffer from torturous treatments.

2) Who isn’t fascinated by chocolates? And when you combine chocolates with pudding, then the imagination gets wilder and can turn a sane person into a person lusting over pudding. To celebrate this essence and magic of Chocolate Pudding, June 26 is celebrated as National Chocolate Pudding Day. The celebration procedure is though very simple. Sit back with a bowl full of Chocolate Pudding and enjoy your Sunday.

3)How much we hate to admit that we all need a beautician in our daily life to make us look attractive? These people give in their time so that we can look great, according to our desires. To acknowledge their personal, as well as social importance, June 26 is celebrated as “Beauticians Day” across the US. This day also signifies the need to look good and to beautify yourself.

4) On a beach outing,  all we crave to beat the scrotching heat is a glass of  a tropical cocktail. Not only the world famous Barbados/Jamaica n rum, but there are a number of amazing tropical cocktails that you can prepare and savour. So this Tropical Cocktail Day, prepare some fresh cocktails and beat the heat.

So much to rejoice today. Happy reading!!