Know Your Power Number

The power number is derived from your path  number and the  name number. This number is also know as the reality  number or the ultimate number.

How to find out :

to find out power number ,take the following steps

1.)Derive your life path and name number as explain below

Life Path Number:-

Let us considered the date of birth to find out the life path number

Date of birth:28 October 1995 or 28.10.1995

Add all the numbers together in the date of birth:28+10+1+9+5+5=58

Derive a single number by fadic addition:5+8=13; 1+3=4

The life path number is 4

Name number:-

To find out the Name number take the following steps

Write down your complete name

find out the corresponding number of both the vowels and consonants from the alphabet chart and write down them down as shown

9                                    1             5                           =15(1+5)=6(VOWEL NUMBER)

B      I      L          L           G     A     T     E      S

2              12      12          7            2           19          =18(1+8)=9(CONSONANTS NUMBER)

Now add up the vowel and the consonant numbers and apply Fadic addition :6+9=15;1+5=6

the name number is 6.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


2.) Add the two fadically : 4+6=10;1+0=1

3.) The power number in this case is 1

What does your power number signify ?

Your power number display the combined influence of your Life path number and Name number on your life.

The influence of power  number

Power number 1

Your Originality, determination and brave ambition influences your life. You are  the leader the originator and the inventor.

Power number 2

Your ability to work with others, to collaborate and to use diplomacy, influences your life. You are the inspired artist, the true friend and the pacemaker.

Power number 3

Your ability to bring happiness, and laughter to others, and your use of self expression, influences your life. You are the creator the entertainer and bringer of joy.

Power number 4

Your ability to  lay strong foundations, to create a stable environment and your practical approach influence your life .You attain success after a steady progress. You are the pillar of strength ,the constructor builder and the person to be banked upon.

Power number 5

Your communication skills being at ease with others and seeking freedom and progress, influences your life.You are the ever popular the multi talented and the natural salesperson.

Power number 6

Your ability to take on responsibilities, using creativity and bringing harmony to others influence your life. You are the teacher, the artist and the protector.

Power number 7

Your intuition desire to inner growth and ability to use solitude constructively, influences your life. You are the spiritually aware the philosopher and the individualist.

Power number 8

Your efficiency steady progress towards material rewards and power projection, influences your life. You are the executive the philanthropist and the material achiever.

Power number 9

Your broad-minded outlook grasping ability a high degree of compassion, influences your life. you are the dramatic artist, the freedom lover and the one with unlimited fulfilment.