That Evening

That evening,
When I stood on the terrace
With open arms and facing up the sky,
A little droplet of rain kissed my cheek .

The blowing breeze messed up my hair.
I was not angry.
I smiled at them.

I felt tender coolness of the breeze
In my heart,
Soothing all those burning emotions.
I felt relaxed.

As the little drops of rain
Were washing those past wounds.
My open arms embraced the warmth
Of my newness in me.

The young sapling in me opened up
With the drops of rain.
The smile on my lips
Welcomed the peace.

The smudged kajal said goodbye
To the inner conflicts.
The wet body touched the silence
And initiated the new talk.

Dripping water from the clothes
Drained the unwanted soil on the heart
And a new flower bloomed
With the onset of this monsoon.