What will happen if you are a girl and you get pregnant without having intercourse? Wouldn’t that be a nightmare? Who would believe you?

This 18-year-old girl named Olivia Key. She lived a normal life. She hung out with her friends and enjoyed sports.


Until one day when everything changed. She had a mild numbing stomach pain.



To her shock, the doctors suspected she was pregnant. She was astounded by the news!



But the reality was much worse than this idea

She wasn’t pregnant but was carrying a big tumor in her left ovary. It had grown into a huge cyst.



Then they had to remove it with a surgical procedure

But according to her doctors, the tumor wasn’t so large but the cyst was the size of a watermelon. Thankfully Olivia was able to regain her health again and due to the excellent work of the doctors, her fertility remained undamaged as well.



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