During Diwali I love sitting and watching those sky crackers. So, it’s only 2 days for diwali. After college, I came back to hostel. College seems to be empty without Arjun. 🙁  I got freshen up, made a cup of coffee and with the cup of coffee went to the terrace. I sat on the terrace, watching those beautiful sky crackers and enjoying my cup of coffee.  The whole city was dressed in lights. I was enjoying the whole scene and thinking about Arjun.
Suddenly my phone buzzed with a message from Arjun. He messaged ‘Hi’. I didn’t want to message rather wanted to call. I called him up. He picked up the call.

Arjun : Hello.
Me : Hey, wats up?
Arjun : Just came back from field work a while ago. Thought of talking to you.
Me : Hmm. .
Arjun : What about you?
Me : sitting on terrace enjoying lights and cup of coffee.
Arjun : Hmm.
We were talking all random stuffs and then suddenly, I started laughing.
Arjun : Kya hua?
Me : Kuch ni. .. Mujhe upar asman mein fatne wale patakhe Bohot pasand hai. . So woh fatt rahe hai toh mujhe acha lag rha hai.
Arjun : Pagal ho tum… puri ki puri innocent bachchi jisko chote se chote baat pe khushiya mil jaati. I liked it in you.
Me : I listened and smiled.

We continued talking and kept the call after 30 minutes or so. Arjun you made my day by saying that simple line that you like my innocence and simplicity.  I feel hum tum kafi ache partners banenge. .. With this hope I slept and ended my day with a smile.

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“Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different.”