Everything happens for a reason. Some people cross our paths for a purpose, either they come as a blessing or a lesson.

This story is very close to my heart. As usual, the kind of hopeless romantic I am. This story made me very emotional. It also taught me a lesson something which I leave upto you to discern.

Meera and Shravan were in a relationship. They were brought together by their friends. They had a lot of differences which attracted them towards each other. They loved each other a lot but sometimes love was just not enough.

They parted ways. Things had gone bitter between them due to some family issues. In India most relationships fail because the family of the concerned persons don’t approve of it.

In a bid to unite their families, Meera and Shravan had gone apart.
Meera still loved Shravan after their break – up. Shravan waa able to move on by keeping himself busy but Meera was stuck in the moment.

Everyday she would sit and wonder :
“What should I do? What should I say to get  him back? ”

It was all in vain. Nothing made Shravan change his decision. He was open to friendship but not anything else. Meera had already created enough drama at his home to make them like her. She had gone to meet him even though she had been forbidden by his family amd this created a negative impression on them.

Eventually Meera got over the obsession. She had a positive outlook on life and kept herself busy. After a month or two of withdrawing herself from Shravan she was able to finally talk normally to him and not as a clingy, desperate girl.

This came as a surprise to Shravan who was enjoying the attention he was getting from Meera. He felt like a King whenever Meera used to beg him to get back together.

At times he loved the way Meera talked to him and sometimes his mind slips and he confesses to Meera that he loves listening to her and that he can spent hours listening to her sweet voice which feels like a melodies song.

Shravan was once again falling in love with Meera or maybe he had never gotten over her and had just repressed his feelings which were now coming to the surface.

After plucking enough courage he asked Meera out for lunch. Meera was happy and surprised at the prospect of going out with Shravan. She loved him and longed to spent time with him.

She day dreamed about the things they will do and topics they will talk on. But dreams  seldom come true.

On the afternoon when they  met it was a bit awkward. It took time to get tuned to each other’s physical presence. Meera and Shravan were walking down the road hand in hand chatting happily.

Meera received a call on her mobile and let go of Shravan ‘s hand. While she was looking for her phone in her bag Shravan went ahead to cross the road.

Meera looked up and was horrified to see that a truck was coming towards him at full speed and he was unaware of it.
Meera lunged after him and pushed him away to safety but tragically she was unable to save herself.

It all happened within seconds. It was like a flash. Blood splattered everywhere. Shravan was shocked and heartbroken. He rushed towards Meera and held her up in his arms. His clothes too got covered with her blood. Meera was struggling between life and death. Shravan broke down in tears. Police was alerted by the passers-by and the ambulance was on its way.

“Oh Meera why didn’t you just let the bewitched truck crush me? Why did you put yourself in danger? Oh please don’t leave me! I love you! I have loved you every minute of my life since the time we were brought together…. Why did you come in between? I was supposed to die. Why Meera, Why?”

Meera’s lips quivered. She said in a faint whisper :

“To die in your arms is acceptable to me, But not to live without you….. ”

With this she took her last breath. Meera was dead. She had left the world, left Shravan and everything that mattered to her.

Shravan could do nothing but cry endlessly. No amount of soothing words comforted him. He had lost a most precious soul.

Its five years since the fatal accident. Shravan has still not recovered from the loss. He searches for Meera everywhere. He keeps listening to their phone records, feeling her presence.

One must never take life for granted. Which moment might be your last is unpredictable. So love life and respect relationships. Love is not a game its a huge responsibility and commitment. Don’t let anything come in between it not even your families.

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