If you are one of those couples who fight a lot, these are a few things you would relate to.

Couple sitting on sofa with arms folded, looking angry1. PROBLEM PROBLEM

Couple sitting on a sofa with arms folded, looking angry.

Every conversation after some time converts into a fight, no matter how much both of you avoid landing into the situation.

first move2. THE FIRST MOVE

You might go off without talking to each other for hours, maybe days just waiting for your other half to make the first move.

c534660c34585607019d69f4eb03ee544d75a23cf256a6071757cd9dfe96772a3. I LOVE YOU MORE
Finally, one of you takes a step forward, but he also claims to be the one to love more and all this again leads to a new fight session.

77d978869aed5955b63d74ec1648c743051481248e7844af47d0abe20f4e5cfc4. SURRENDER
After a heated conversation, you reach to the conclusion that you both equally love each other.


So, afterwards, there are words of love and affection, kisses and sorry and what not and of course, promises to never fight with each other ever again.

cc6d748aa10d93b1b43eec5eda705f36d80640c75a31c62ecc5fc1109f6687196. HAPPILY EVER AFTER

So, after this you become a happy couple ever after (of course, only according to you two) and engage in a long conversation, where you finally reach a point of difference and so you know what it is…a new fight.

The cycle repeats again…but do not worry you will soon become that happy couple who has promised to never fight ever again…!!! 😛

So my dear loving couples, just enjoy being in love, fight a lot but remember to love a lot too.


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