What is it that makes your blood curdle?

What is it that tingles your spine?

What is it that knocks down your strengths and grows an eerie image in your mind,expanding as it paints an aghast face in your body?

Well,perhaps the answer is ‘horror’.

Horror is defined as the mental state of mind where the brain freezes as a response to some psychologically disturbing,scary,breath-taking events that happen around us.

The sensory perceptions give in to ‘fear’,the weak entity present beneath us,to overcome us and perpetuate throughout our body.

We need’nt witness the events.A mere reading, or hearing action may cause an equal result of indomitable fear ,that then holds the reins to our body.

So,get ready to get spooked up by my nanostories that sum up the meaning of fear in just 2-4 lines…

(cackle sound;eerie noise;wind blows the windows fast;darkness swirls!)

source - http://e2ua.com/
source – http://e2ua.com/
  1. I had never remembered my mother

Yet the faint figure near the grave strongly insists to capture her image.

2. The witch cackled,

When the last drop of blood fell into her cauldron to complete her long-in-making potion,brewing with human blood…

3. I did’nt know how to smile at the age of 4,

So,the pale white woman floating outside my bedroom window taught me to.

4.When she saw her x-ray for the first time in her life,

She noticed a face inside her heart…her heart stopped.

5.When he visited the new boutique,he saw a pretty mannequin.

Dressed up beautifully.He smiled at it and it smiled back.

His smile disappeared.

6.Everyday when I look into my mirror,

My reflection begs me to swap sides.

She hates being shunned into a dark room filled with mirrors.

7.I wonder who switches off my light in the night…

When I reach for the switch, there’s already a hand there…

Happy sleepless nights!!!( ;-))