FEBUARY 6th,1958

This is the day when Manchester united, a professional football team had experienced a great tragedy. February 6th will be remembered by everyone connected with Manchester United.

February 6th is considered as the darkest day in United’s history. Manchester United Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. Manchester united was the first English team to compete in European cup. United@7tint

On that day in 1958, the team was returning from European cup quarter final victory against red star Belgrade match in Belgrade, due to fuel problem, the plane stopped in Munich airport [Germany] for refueling. The first two attempt for take off were aborted, following a third attempt the plane crashed. Twenty three people, including 8 players and 3 staff members suffered a fateful trauma in the air crash.

Out of 44 people, 20 people died instantly and some were taken to the hospital in Munich ,there three more people died. So out of 44, they were 23 fatalities with 21 survivors.

At that time, Manchester united were putting so much efforts and all their glamour into football, because they were about to become the third club to win three successive English League Championship. There are some players who totally gave up on their own carriers in order to save the club. But, the crash not only caused their championship aspirations, but also ruined the core promise to be one of the greatest generations of players in English football history.

Eight players along with the club Secretary, trainer, coach and eight journalists all died. This was an indelible tragedy in United’s history. The rest of the season for Manchester united was very difficult. If this disaster had never happened, then they would have won the European cup in 1958. It took 10 years for Manchester united to rebuild another team, which won the European cup after 10 years.

Manchester United@7tintThere is too much sentiment about Manchester united….all the talk about Munich seems to have gone to heads of the young players,’’

This was an unforgettable day in United’s history.
We will never forget.
Love you Manchester united !!