When music meets talent, and their mix is gelled with nature, what we get is a complete bliss, or in this case they’re calling it The Deepak Rathore Project. The World’s Largest Punjabi Music Label,Speed Records is helping Deepak in this project. After launching a huge number of Punjabi songs, Speed Records with Deepak and team is launching their first Hindi song ever,Shimla Tha Ghar under The Deepak Rathore Project. It seems that music has united two worlds together. The combination of melodious tune of the beautiful heart-touching composition of Deepak Rathore and the scenic beauty and serenity of the mighty Himalayas with well directed video is surely something that no one wants to miss. The vision of the artist and the record label is the icing on the cake. It’s heard or rather read from the sources that the trailer of ‘Shimla tha Ghar’ is out on their official channel. The full music video will be Released on the Days following New Year. New Year will bring us a new form of joy from the artists and Speed Records.

Our 7tint family is very proud to say that we got a chance to have some chit-chat with Deepak and team and we learned a lot about their new project, The Deepak Rathore Project.

Our 7tint family member, Rahul Gupta had the opportunity to take the interview. He had a great time with the band members. Deepak Rathore himself was present to answer the questions of the interview. So, people here are the Q and A about the Deepak Rathore Project.


Q: Tell us something about your upcoming song?

A: It’s the first track of my new album, The Deepak Rathore Project and the song is, ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’. The song is a folk song with a blend of Recorder and some folk musical instruments. The lyrics of the song revolve around a girl living in the small town of Shimla.

Q: Okay, so when do we get to hear it?

A:  Soon, The music video will be coming in a week. The whole video is shot in Shimla itself, mostly in Kotghar.

Q: So, what inspires you while composing a song?

A: Well, my lyrics are always inspired from my life or people around me. Sometimes, I don’t live my life. I live a life that I want for my song, so that I can be well connected to it. For me, the location and environment always play an important role. If it’s a folk song, it has to have those hills with clouds and that snowfall. The ones where I am in. It’s just a paper and pen away.

Q: The song goes by the name, ‘Shimla tha Ghar’. Can you explain the inspiration behind it?

A: As I have already mentioned earlier that my lyrics are inspired from my life or people around me. Yes, this is inspired from a girl’s life of Shimla. The name of the song itself says a lot and provides space to think a lot over it.

Q: How hard was it to work for the first time on such a project?

A: Majorly, I used to make sounds with some light distortions like soft rock or some alternative sounds. But folk is something I always wanted to work with. I always wanted to make sound of this kind and I am happy that I am making one and will surely make more of it. Once you do it with your heart, all you need is dedicated time and time.

Q: A song leaves an impact on its listener but what impact does it leave on you?

A: In every song you can live a life, even I did the same. It tells me how those emotions can be fixed into a song.

Q: How did you end up being a singer?

A: I did engineering in Computers. But singing is something from my childhood. I have people in my family doing music. My mom has always been a great support. I remember a song called, ‘Hoton Se Chu Lo Tum’ I started singing it in my school and what follows will go on for the rest of my life now.

Q: If you weren’t an artist, then what else would you be?

A: I would have joined Indian Army. I have huge respect for them. Cricket could be another field which I would have joined.

Q: With so many artists coming up, how would you differentiate yourself from them?

A: Everyone have their own way of presenting music. I try connecting with the lyrics and then with vocals. In the new album, starting from alternative rock, I have a Haryanvi Rock, a folk from hills and also a blend of Punjabi and punk. So, I think I am trying my best to gel with as much as music I can, which will definitely help me in connecting with more audience.

Q: Girls always like guys who play guitar. What’s your say on that?

A: Well, I think, girls always appreciate talents. It can be anything, guitar, singing, sports, etc. I think some girls even help artist to get better and better. Girls support and lot and appreciate good work, which is very important for an artist to survive.


Q: Do you have more of male or female followers?

A: Well, I don’t keep a count on that much. But last numbers that were released online were mostly inclined to female audiences. Rest, music is for everyone. I try my best that people from all ages can connect to it.

Q: Can we expect more projects in future or rather what’s your next project?

A: It’s a completely new album with 8 new tracks and will be out with the videos soon. I have few more projects going and will be surprising you guys soon.

Well, with this Q and A that’s a wrap to the interview. We are really excited about this new project, ‘The Deepak Rathore Project’. The folk element in it really sounds exciting for us as it would be something new for us from the artist. We hope like the first song, the other songs get ready soon. The team is working really hard with it. Let’s hope we will soon listen to ‘The Deepak Rathore Project’.

7tint family wishes Deepak a good luck for their new project. We hope, like us, you are excited for this new project too. Eagerly waiting for another passionate album from some true musicians.

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