Kota, formerly a small town in the south-eastern region of Rajasthan, has emerged as an abode for students preparing for engineering and medical entrance examinations in the last decade. Commonly referred to as the “Coaching Capital of India”, it houses the young blood of more than 1.5 lakh girls and boys. The coaching boom in the city started in the early 2000’s, and the city has, since then, never stopped in giving students more and more options to study, some of them only to encroach the students’ and their parents’ pockets.

With more than 129 coaching institutes, Kota has turned out to be the biggest hub to prepare for entrance exams. Most students, who come here, freshly out of the comfort of their houses and entering a new phase of life, struggle with basic requirements like proper housing and food in their early days. These days, which forms part of some very crucial time during their preparation, leave some utterly frustrated and homesick.

But then again, there are so many advantages too if the aspirant is focussed and channelled towards his/her goal. The one thing which can never go wrong in Kota is the food.  One observable advantage is the presence of so many hostels/PG’s and messes, which provide easy, cheap and tasty food. That gives the aspirants with a lot of options pertaining to the fundamental requirements-coaching, lodging and fooding. But there are a whole lot of problems which one may face during his/her stay.

  • Visible competition:

A healthy competition is a must in being successful. But then, if it surpasses the threshold value of an individual, depression sprouts up as a result. Seeing so many students fighting for the same seat may frustrate anyone, sometimes even to the breaking point, leading to a number of suicides.

  • Lack of Recreation:

This is just a fruit of the ruthless competition one sees in Kota. All one does is study, study, and study more, without realizing that life always needs a little bit of spice. This again is an important human requirement which needs to be fulfilled for wholesome peace and efficient functioning of the mind and body. Also, there are dummy schools, which doesn’t require any minimum attendance, which again shifts all the focus of students to studies, which in a way is good too if properly balanced.

  • Batch System:

Most of the coaching centres have batch system. Now, this gives the opportunity to study with other aspirants of almost equal potential, the downgrade of a batch may again lead to depression.

  • Cut-throat competition between coaching centres:

The rat race sometimes causes good teachers to leave their ongoing batches and move to a different institute. What this does is disturbs the entire flow of the batch he/she used to take, and the students in that batch have to get familiar with the teaching style of a new teacher, who may or may not be better than the former.

  • Robbery:

A very common menace in Kota is the filching of mobile phones, bicycles, wallets, and other small personal belongings. This is one thing students need to be very cautious about!

Having said that, Kota will continue being the haven for students preparing for all entrance examinations, and keep nurturing and nourishing more dreams in times to come.