The phone rang. It was 9am already.  The trainings had to start that day for the new joiners in the office. My office colleague had called up to ask about the training room. I woke up startled, quickly freshened up, dressed up and rushed to office. Due to lack of time, I had to miss my breakfast but I compensated it by gulping down a burger with a cup of coffee from the office cafeteria as a brunch meal.

Working in a multi-national corporation for past few months, I experienced altogether a different world. The corporate life taught me discipline, to be always well-dressed, working in a team, pressure handling to achieve stringent deadlines and most importantly, the value of hard-earned money. Staying in a pg-cum-flat double sharing accommodation (a pg with food responsibility on the tenant) made me quite self-dependent and gave me utmost freedom. I was free to decide my expenditure, free about what to eat every day, free to roam, party and shop around after office hours and free to set my daily routine as per my convenience.

Though the corporate life seems all glittery, it is actually very jittery as well. Its downsides include stress, tension, restlessness, frustration and carelessness regarding one’s health which may ultimately lead to a sad and gloomy life without one may even realising about it.

On a typical day, throughout the office hours, corporate people have to work their asses off for the company’s growth and self-growth. It’s just about serving your client’s needs and making your boss happy. Nothing else matters. Overdose of coffee, constant pressure from boss, skipping of meals and yelling at juniors become a regular affair. Everyone strives to do the best and be the best, no matter even it means compromising on one’s mental and physical well-being. The situation is aggravated when ‘so-called race’ among the peers takes its ugliest form of dirty office politics. With the desire of achieving promotions and awards, recognition and rewards, what becomes common and frequent is buttering the boss, pulling down the peers and blowing one’s own trumpet.

Amidst all of this, staying away from the family alone in a rented accommodation only adds to the misery. Even if you are lucky with your family being in the same city as your office, commuting daily between home and workplace for long hours does not seem to be a better option either.

We have no control on the corporate life structure. If there are targets, they need to be achieved. If there are deadlines, they need to be met. But it totally varies from person to person how one manages and enjoys the corporate life. Some are super-awesome fellas out there who are really energetic and lively and turn the dull ambience into a fun and challenging one. To spread this ‘work with chill’ aura to all the employees, corporates should frequently organise seminars on how to maintain work-life balance and how to reduce stress and be calm at work. Various fun activities could also be conducted to release the tension of the employees and bring out their co-curricular talent. On an individual level, incorporating a routine of combination of meditation, yoga and morning walk in one’s life could really help bring peace, positivity and prosperity.

After all, money may buy happiness. But making money with no happiness to get happiness is not really worth it. Isn’t it?