One word. Defines an era. Defines a century. Defines English literature. Defies The human capacity. The word is … Shakespeare. William Shakespeare. What had thou done to read his amazing works of literature! Perhaps the good boon of our karma I would say. William Shakespeare was not just a playwright. He was one of a kind who redefined English literature, the theater art, the minds of people through unexplored plots. Who will have the will to forget his great works such as hamlet or Othello? Or the midsummer’s night dream or the romeo and Juliet? Seriously man…where art thou come from?

Well, to say Shakespeare was not a normal kid. He didn’t have a good childhood. He did marry at a young age of 18 and had twins- hamnet and Judith. But unfortunately hamnet died at a young age of 11 years, which left him devastated. He then tried to become a poet and a playwright by initially collaborating with people until he finally found his own foothold…

His first works were henry vi and richard iii, both political lives ,containing history of the 2 kings.then he went on to write a midsummer’s night dream, the merchant of venice and as you like it- all categorized as comedies. He had a quirky sense of humor well appreciated by the critics. He also penned one of his most wonderful work- the Julius Caesar. It is about a roman king who was misunderstood by his own subjects because of his dominating quality, and thus was brutally murdered by his own best friend , whom he had thought was very loyal to him. Then on the play attained a cult status following the most used dialogue in literature history- “Et tu brute?” meaning –“even you too , brutus?”.

It is said that more than the bleeding wounds that caeser was thrust upon, the vile, perfidious attitude of brutus was what has killed him. And there he lay,lifeless avenged by his friend brutus. But the play doesn’t end there, There came another loyal friend of caeser who had his revenge over the treacherous casca’s gang. It was mark antony, caeser’s right hand. The screenplay and the dialogues will be loved by each and every English lover, and Shakespeare’s works are considered foremost upon literature studies.

Shakespeare can be told as one of the most underrated talents ever in the world. Perhaps he didn’t get a lot of money, or a good life, or peace during death, but what he earned was more than that.

He serves as a beacon of light to all those aspiring playwrights out there, who can always look up to him for inspiration. He remains unparalleled in the world of literature with the invention of as many as 1000 new English words, many of which are even in use today, though some are archaic. He is truly a man who left footprints in sands of timeless art and encourages all the budding writers in us…so go ahead, try to unleash that Shakespeare inside you! Be the one who he wanted us to be- the lovers of the language and in enhancing its authenticity, will he be in peace forever!!!