Ever been to varanasi or kasi? If so, the probabilities of you noticing some creepy guys going naked with white ash covered on their bodies is for sure. You may term them as Barbaric, but they call themselves as ignited souls in pursuit for sanctity and vimukthi. Some term them fearful and weird whereas some people refer them as the icons of LORD SHIVA. Of course we are taking about none other than AGHORIS here, the staunch obsessed worshipers of lord SHIVA. This article by we, team of ‘7tint’ is intended to make you guys know deeper about their life styles and to clear many wrong notions about them existing in our societies. Well,  while some of these facts may leave you perplexed some gives you worst nightmares….



Ever wondered what their food habits were? This will lead you Baffled and creepy as well. THEY FEED ON DEAD HUMAN BODIES. Yes, you heard it right, they eat the dead and decayed bodies and corpses of dead bodies of humans and other animals. Well, there’s a reason for that though, they believe that eating dead will keep you away from all diseases.

Well, they do possess a human skull with them everytime though. They term it as their lucky musket or sacred diadem. That’s the only possession they own alongside their long stribes of obligatory un-cutted hair.


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They believe in principle of putting themselves in more and more pain will make their path easier towards salvation. However their traits in doing this will give you goosebumps, like they drinking their own blood, smoking marijuana almost every time which they say will keep them focused.

Even with that high dosages of marijuana they do survive a hell lot of years admist beind dead withing first five year’s of accepting AGHORI ritual.A aghori by name ‘KINA RAM’  is believed to have survived for 150 years.!!!


indexWell, this is something impossible to digest. Their sexual practices were not only weird but also complete filthy and obnoxious.They engage in sex with dead bodies. They belive in principle of “beauty in filthy” which asks them to find love in most filthiest of things.

Hmm, that’s spooky though



They say they have cure for any kind of diseases you come for, say AIDS, cancer whatnot? Well, their presccription here makes thing complicated ; their medicines are made of Human oils, bones and filthy stuff.

Hmmph, I don’t wish to have that cure though.


India- Varanasi - Aghori - Portrait

They say their methods and rituals will lead to quick salvation, say ‘vimukthi’ could be achieved quickly. Well, they call their method as a shortcut and it’s a prerequisite for them to go nude.


That’s just a little bit of them though, just a chapter of their book. Whatever people call them, they do their work, carry on their rituals sincerely and then they disappear to no where.ofcourse there’s something to learn for us from them though. It’s their firmness toward their practices even in this yest sophisticated world and their strong attachment to the work commited. Whatever the conceptions or misconceptions about them might be, they undoubtedly are the ‘MOST MYSTERIOUS CANNABALIC SECT’s OF INDIA.

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