Handsome, hardworking
People say Ali had it all.
No one knows why he did that
And made himself stumble and fall.

He worked in a farm,
Where once he found that lamp,
Beautiful though it was,
It made Ali suffer in dull and damp.
The lamp gave him all he wanted

But never what he needed.
The lamp had conditions- it would come
Alive only when it was fed.
The food wasn’t hard to get.
A few drops of tears;
And that was all needed

To make Ali run out of all fears.
He cried and became rich.
But that did not satiate his greed.
So he did the unthinkable,
One to make his lamp feed.

He killed his wife,
To have tears all around.
There he sat on a heap of gold
With his dead lady on the ground.
People often hear him say,
Or rather wail behind the bars-

“Cut down onions
And tears roll down,
But my greediness made me wear
The murderer’s crown.”