The greatest feeling in the world is to be around someone who wants to hold you, wants to kiss your forehead, wants to be around you, wants to text you at night, wants to see you smile.

But I think what’s better than that is finding someone who does it all because he wants to see you happy.

Her pen stopped. She couldn’t write more as her eyes overflowed with tears.
It was her break-up anniversary which agonizingly coincided with the day they first met four years ago.

Since then, a lot had changed. She was the one privileged to experience all the possible emotions one could go through from the same guy.

They had hurdled through the most difficult of times when they were together but what lead to their separation was a someone else’s comments and now what remains is their mutual hatred for each other.

Another love story ended out of misunderstanding, Another one ended due to the ego and now, to her, love was just an impractical thing that mattered the least.

May be she was happy or pretended to be so. May be she was incomplete. Only she could tell.
Or May be her pen could. The one that resumed writing….

I left him, but I didn’t let him go. There’s a difference, there always is.
My feet stepped away from my world embodied in a person, a walking token of our memories- but my heart; my weak, trembling heart still clings on to him wherever he goes.

May be she still loved him.
Maybe, just maybe….❤

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