“How much does one imagine, how much observe? One can no more separate those functions that divide light from air, or wetness from water.”

The door banged! “TTHHAAaasssHHHhhhh…!” came the sound of the banging door. He threw her out. She was crying , she was yearning for mercy. Yet he showed none. He just gave her a last glance, with a tinge of annoyance and anger, and finally after throwing away her luggage banged close the door behind. She was weeping, sitting idly on the floor. He was weeping too but couldn’t remove the scar he gave her.

Kavya and Anjali met three years ago on the outskirts of Pune. Both of them were undergraduates then and were fresher’s for their new job. Excitement was the key that joined them. They met on a rainy evening, while driving back home. On his bike, Kavya saw Anjali peeping out of the window glass of her Mercedes. Yes “MERCEDES”..!!! She was the daughter of one of the renowned person of Maharashtra, her father was a MLA. She was a beauty of her own. Her Blue eyes, brown flawless hair, pink cheeks with beautiful dimples whenever she smiled, and her fragrance that flowed thru the air just mesmerized him so much that Shit Happened Again. Yeah actually it’s the case with guys, happens often, they fall in love. But this time really the shit happened and he did not knew, he fell in love that would last ever long.

Coincidently both of them were working in the same firm; he got to know that day. But he could not understand the fact that a beautiful, charming girl getting out of Mercedes and still working in the miniature, worthless firm! Yes, that was an actual matter of fact that in spite of her father being at such a famous, reputed position yet she needed to work. It was her choice, actually for Anjali working wasn’t an obligation, it was an option and for an independent  woman like she was, it never meant an option too. She never wanted to be dependent on her father for anything. She wanted to be like what she wants and search for someone she wants to be with too. According to her he would be her perfect life partner.

In spite of sitting and staring continuously at her, even being observed and caught up at many glances it was that he would have said hello before she did. After being caught at the last glance before she approached him, he was deep buried inside with shame. Anjali was a girl, a jolly kind of girl. She never hesitated in saying hello to any stranger. She believed that today or thereafter you have to go so why not take tons of memories with people and never forget about them. She came up to him and reached her arm out.”Hi! I am Anjali. What’s up?”, this was her first statement that made him fall for her sugary sweet voice that had already killed about half a dozen hearts before.

“Hello! I am Kavya. Fine, just getting bored up. You tell, what’s up?”, he replied back. “Come on, already its break time. Let’s go out for a coffee, obviously if you don’t mind.” she shooted back. Opportunity knocks, and if you aren’t dumb you would accept it sooner. “Of course, let’s go.”, I replied getting of my chair. We headed to the cafeteria. Ordered one cappuccino and one double espresso with less sugar and high hard chocolate. And after collecting our stuff got back to our seats. It was again raining at this high hour of the day. “I love rain, it’s so romantic sitting beside someone and having a double espresso in hand!”, she said with a sweet killing smile on her face. I smiled back too.

I was shocked at her confidence of words and her frankness. My god knows how much freak I am with the girls, and at the same time afraid too. Yeah they almost kill me out. She just talked about her family, her obligations as well as her options. I told her too about myself and my small knitting nuclear family, consisting of my elder sister, my mom and my dad. Then the break time ended and we returned back to our benches. The day went off and the session came to an end. We glided back towards our home. On the way back, while heading towards the parking lot, she came up to me. “Next time u steel a glance, don’t feel shy to ask out for coffee. Had a nice time with you.” and reached out her hand. We shook hands, smiling at each other as if that was the moment both of them were waiting from so long. After waving goodbye they retreated back to their destinations.

…..to be continued