We have many kinds of tradition which makes our lives interesting and joyful…
But today, I want to share you a tradition of suicide……

These peoples belong to Tundra region

The compelled to do suicide in the name of tradition …………..

The prevailing environment conditions of tundra region impose special conditions on the life all earthly creatures. In winter season, The sun doesn’t appear above the horizon. Continuous darkness  for months lead to a depressing for humans…The darkness and close confinement which it entails frequently bring  on mental disorders, fits of madness and also suicide due to neurasthenia.

To reduce the pressure of population on limited resource, a uniques kind of tradition adopt by the inhabitants.

At the time of scarcity of food in long, dark and dreaded winters of stromy nights, the senior most person come out from the igloo at night, when all other peoples are sleeping and tracks down on ice barefoot, till he gets exhausted. After reaching a unknown destination, he removes all his cloths and dies instantaneously of exposure, under the freezing temperature which may be as low as -50 degree Celsius ……………

They used this extremely difficult  tradition in order to saves the limited food supplies for their children and other family members.

This is because ……

In hot and humid climates of equatorial region, the lifestyle of peoples is largely influenced by the physical environment. The tradition is an attempt to adapt  themselves with the unfavorable environmental…..

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