I can’t remember anything. Can’t differentiate whether it is true or a dream. I have lost all my strength. My bodily senses have come to a halt. There is terrible silence all around.

As I struggle to gasp some air so that I do not die of suffocation, I see countless bodies of my friends and foes lying lifelessly on this cursed battlefield. Even the sand has turned dark red by the impressions of immeasurable volume of blood.

A bomb blast happened from nowhere that was the last time I had a complete body. My arms got isolated from my body because of that devastating force. I received terrible burns on my face but now, I am relieved. I cannot feel pain anymore. I have lost all sense of time.

I cannot remember much but I recall my city filled with lush greenery, life was full of opportunities, full of promises. I recall my mother, I recall her face, she was crying relentlessly, “as they demanded all young men to go and fight a war,that was happening because of two egomaniacs”. ” Maybe, she knew all the way that i won’t come back”. I remember Lily, my beautiful wife, how I won her heart, I remember the day I married her. We wanted to live together. We wanted to die together. My little sweetheart Lana, I guess she still cries when I am not around her. I wish I could see my family once again. I wish I could tell my wife not to make me go for the war. I wish I could tell my family not to cry..

The sound of the airplanes flying over my head in the dark sky symbolizing victory of opposition catch my attention. Everything appears dark to me now.

I wonder if someone from my side will come, looking for me with feeble hope in his eyes that I might be alive. I wonder will this spot where I am lying lifelessly become my graveyard. This war reduced be to a lifeless piece of meat, just a feast for vultures, this became the conclusion of my life.

I wonder was this my destiny? Our savior, “Jesus” planned this for me? Maybe I was a sinner in my alternate lives. Maybe I was nothing and I deserved to die.

Right now, I am neither able to live nor able to die. ” I see God wearing black, coming towards me to take my soul away. I want to see everything. I wish for death now.” Perhaps we all deserve to die.

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