They met long back somewhere in a hot summer afternoon,

Who knew their bond would take such a drastic turn so soon.

They didn’t know what they chose was right or wrong.

But in spite of the big turn, they shared a relationship which was very strong.

They didn’t know what kind of bond it was…

But this bond never created a fuss

In their new lives.

They took such a big dive

To finish the instability of their lives.

Both were happy for each other.

One was trying to be happiness of some other

And the other gave a smile to boost the confidence of moving on of the former.

One always kept smiling and helping,

The other always kept talking and teasing.

Even though their life took a different turn.

But still they kept their fun

And was in an unknown bond.

It was not love- just an unknown bond.

The Unknown Bond- Not Love


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