“Who knows if we truly met one another at the wrong time in our lives”.
All I know is that if things do come to an end I will forever love you even if we distance ourselves.

We met not knowing you would mean the world to me and you forever will hold a place in my heart if you ever wish to be mines again.

Maybe later in another time and place we will be right for one another.
Or maybe you’ll fall in love all over again with someone new and I don’t want you to worry about hurting me ever.

Live your life your way and love someone else if that’s truly what makes you happy.

I want you to spend your life with someone you love back just as much as they love you.
But most importantly before you go if you ever do decide to please show up in my path even if it’s for the last time.

For those last seconds just hold me closely and let me thank you for all the moments I shared by your side.
Kiss me one last time, promise me you’ll be okay without me around, cry if you have to, but smile because we met.

There were billions of people and somehow we managed to cross in this one and only life. Many would say that there are billions of others
I can end up with, but it will always be you and only you. My iirst love, first heartbreak, and I will never forget that.

So maybe just maybe down a new path somewhere down the road under billions of stars we will meet again and maybe just maybe we will be right for another…”❤

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