Spring, the season of renewal
Everything in full bloom
Joy and cheer
Air, filled with chirping of birds
Fragrance of the blossoms.

Yet, I am in despair.
For though the spring revives,
It took away from me
My precious, whom I can never find.

The wind blowing my curly tresses
Couldn’t whisk away the pain I feel.

Last spring,
Oh, my dearest, you were here with me!
Hand-in-hand, together, were we.

Each morning a new surprise
The bitter sweet coffee conversations we enjoyed!

You were the sugar to my bitter life
Sweetening it up with your enchanting vibe!

Today you are nowhere to be seen.
Pictures do injustice to the beautiful you.
Those eyes that follow me do not have the warmth and love .
But a cold, dead stare – just like everything else!

How many ages would I have to wait?
How many years of ache would my heart have to bear?
Can you forgive me and let me rest in peace?
Can you set me free from the burden of the promise of love?

For it’s difficult for me to breathe knowing that you have already taken your last breath!


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