Behind the long grey rods were craving people for a new independent life in black & white stripped design.

Were they the same sinners in their mother’s womb or this world made them survive through such consequences they hardly cared to hold upon & owned a sinner’s town!?
Is their inner soul still stained or the outer clothes muddied in rain!?
Faked server’s crown on whom nation’s people count upon and care not if they let them down. Are they really enclaved or same as monuments faded in past decades?
Nevertheless some of stripped ones deserve same kinda skin and some raging their souls out.
They won’t let leave the pseudos’ out easily.
Black and white stripped clothes know about the innocent body they hide.
C’mon don’t weep much the hung soul craved again to the stripped one ready to regret for one again.


This article is about the prisoners the most ignored issue till it becomes as huge as of a terrorist or a Bollywood main.
what about the others? the ones who aren’t even sinners but are given this shit crown coz of our society. Moreover the politicians (exceptions always exists), those racist people enjoy living with power in peace and harmony without any fear. The non-deservants will after death crave and their clothes will pass on to the new ones, its’ the regret feelings in the clothes too.
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