Very often we find ourselves troubled with all the things happening around. They can be coming from anywhere, either career or money or anything. We get upset and start looking for a secluded place to just let all the things sink us in. We don’t want to talk, or hear or share anything, just want to be us in the moment. But then our happiness guardians can’t see us that miserable. Yes, Happiness Guardians, these are the people who give a shit about us, they are our friends, best friends and family. When we are alone crying, they come from the back and place their hand on our shoulder. Obviously they can’t improve the situation but they try to improve us. Now, its upto us, either hold that hand or push it away. If in today’s world, in between his/her own problems, someone takes the time to see how you doing, believe me you have a friend in him.

Everyone has problems, their fights and their battles. Being there for each other is the most beautiful thing we can do in today’s world. They can’t be always there for you, always there to share you moments but when you need them, they’ll find a way to you.

The ultimate truth is Happiness is in your own hands. When you’re down, your friend will try to cheer you up once, your best friend will try twice and family will find the way to you thrice. Now, its onto you whether to respect their try or keep finding a way to the dark dungeons. I say, respect their try, hold their hand and come out of whatever the problem is, because no problem can be above your happiness guardians.

Also when the ball is in your court, when you need to act and be there for your Happiness Guardian, never ever think twice. Be there for them. Just know at the end that in today’s world its really hard to find Happiness Guardians.

For now, just take that communication device you have, look for your guardian angle in the contacts and make that call. Chances are he/she will be busy and may put you down but believe me when you’ll need them, they’ll be there…..

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