Things You Should Know Before Breaking The Vigr*nity: Talking about sex is a big taboo in our society.  Women are told to protect their Virginity until the wedding night when she gives it up to her “Pati-Parmeshwar”  husband.

Everybody must have atleast once in their life researched about losing Virginity.  The do’s and don’t’s of it.

From lubrication to wearing the condom right every details can be found on the Internet.  But when it comes to actually doing the act, believe me none of the articles gonna help you break the seal.

Let me tell you the fascinating story of how I popped/broke my seal of Virginity.

You must be thinking lucky girl must have enjoyed a lot with her Prince charming. She seems like an expert.

They must have done the deed after getting drunk.  The guy must have had prior experience. So he took full control.

Thus the foreplay would have begun like this:

They hugged, caressed each other and kissed. He kissed her neck, her collar bones.  She took her top off and unbuttoned his shirt revealing the bare, chiseled muscles of his chest.

He slowly unhooked her bra. Her anticipation grew.  He kissed the twins, played with them.  She moaned in response.

He lifted her up in his arms and laid her on the bed covered with rose petals and the room lit with fancy candles.

A tear escaped her eyes.  Images of her family came to her. He kissed the tear away.  Slowly moving down her body. He kissed her belly button . It tickled her and she shuddered.

He went down on her. In between her legs.  He caressed and kissed her sweet spot.  The seal of Virginity waiting to be popped.

He was very gentle at first.  She moaned in pain mixed with exhilaration.  As the pace increased she digged her nails onto his back. She bit his ears in him. She lifted herself and gasped. She was breathless and completely spent.

Nice story wasn’t it.  Sorry to burst your bubble but that was only the expectation.

The reality was that I broke my seal of Virginity at the age of 11 riding a bicycle.

It was horrible. It was a gory,  bloody and painful sight.  I would never want that on anybody.

How I actually lost my Virginity is a different story but It sure as hell wasn’t by riding a bike.

And now that  you know that checking if the hymen is intact is not a way to decide someone ‘s Virginity.

Let me tell you some things about losing virginity in general :

1) The basic P in V sex hurts !


There is no set criteria of what constitutes losing ones virginity. It can be oral sex , anal sex , use of sex toys etc.
If you get to have P in your V for the first time its going to hurt a bit.

2) Lubes are your best friends!


The sure shot of way of actually enjoying the act is by applying lots and lots of lubrication. It also helps penetration easier and less painful.

3) Foreplay Is a Must!


When you plan on doing the P in the V act don’t just jump into it or inside it. You are definitely gonna hurt yourself then . Foreplay helps relax your nerves and makes you feel comfortable and also helps lubricate your vagina naturally.

4) Always insist on a Condom Ladies!


Believe me it is a myth that you can’t get pregnant on your first time. Also condoms comes with lubes and may even make penetration feel good and protect you from STDs.

5) Get to know your body first!


Masturbating before doing the act always helps understanding what you like and don’t like. How you like to be touched and aroused.

6) Communicate with your partner!


Does that position hurts? Is your leg aching? Speak up! Communicating with your partner is important. It helps your partner to understand you better and make sex enjoyable.

7) You won’t be attached to that ‘One’ guy forever!


While its true that you may feel an attachment or connect with the person you first lost your virginity with its not necessary that your body and brain will be wired to that person for the rest of your life! ! !

So chill if that relationship didn’t work out! Don’t lose hope.

8) Oragasm won’t come gushing!


First time , you will be so pre-occupied with actually getting over it that you may not achieve that Meg Ryan orgasm !
Nevertheless don’t lose heart ! Ask your partner to do his magic later.

9) You won’t magically transform into mature adult after sex!


Ladies having a share doesn’t  turn you into the Queen of stock market.
Sex is a physical , mental and emotional
journey and you might feel a little world-weary but there is a LOT more to it!

10) Sex only gets better!


Practice makes  perfect! There is no one stop in sex! It only gets better with time .

Don’t believe me? Go on and try it!


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