“..but I thought you’d take care of me as I took care of you.”

“Stop the drama and leave!”

I thought we leave something when we get a better version of it. But I wonder how he could replace me with the luxuries of his life? I was wrong. He left me, threw me out of his life because I wasn’t needed anymore. Perhaps, I was just a dried leaf in his life which would soon be dead so he felt it was better to sweep me away. I tried to remind him of the times when he promised me to never leave me alone. But he had already reached to a stage, from where it was impossible to bring him back.

I recalled when he first started to walk, he fell numerable times but I was always there to pick him up but he says he wouldn’t be there when I fall on the ground. I fed him, even my part of meal to satisfy his hunger but he wouldn’t be there to remind me to take medicines on time. Whenever he brought his report card to me, I applauded him when he fetched good grades and encouraged him even when he didn’t, but he threw my medical reports on the floor.

I grew up a good son. Yes, my Son. But he’s neither mine nor a good son.

Irony is, when he was leaving for higher studies abroad, I told him “The doors of my house will always be open for you.” but today when I look behind, I see the same doors shut for me.

I walk slowly out of the fence of my house, which was no more mine. The roads today, are endless. The trees were waving a goodbye. Birds were chirping, but only to make me feel their presence. I smile at the fate, these creations of God understood my misery but not my Son.

“I’m not weak. There are so many like me.” I convinced myself. I look at the board which boldly said “Old Age Home”.

A tear rolled off my cheeks and my baggage was carried to Room No. 04 by a staff.


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