If you’re the kind of person who over-uses the same little movie quote, or tries to flirt using the same lines from your favorite novel all the time, if you’re the kinda lover who shows up at your beloved’s doorstep with a bunch of roses and a card, or if your idea of a fun party is what Bollywood tells you it’s like, here’s a day custom-made for you. It’s CLICHÉ day. Your time to quote or do stuff that have been done and over-done like a trillion times.

It’s only a matter of time before you realize how great this day is! (That was intentional if you know what I mean!)

So instead of going the same old way of either explaining to your sweet self what this day is about, let me, for real, help you out with some of the clichés you can experiment with today!

  • Only time will tell- Voted our most favorite cliché of all time. Basically, a polite way of saying “You’re screwed!”
  • At the speed of light- An engineering student studying an hour before exams. Even Einstein seconds that!
  • Brave as a lion- Something only a person who’s scared to move alone in the dark will assure you he is!
  • Opposites attract- Something you say when your crush falls for someone you don’t like!
  • Frightened to death- Basically each one of us, every single day!
  • The writing on the wall – Whatcha looking for? Sam Smith! DUH!!!
  • Time heals all wounds – “Welcome to LIFE”, in short!
  • All is fair in love and war – Something people say in order to explain the sh*t they’ve just done!

So, I sincerely hope you found at least something you were looking for. Use these and many more clichés today and make the most of it because when life gives you lemons, you ought to make lemonades! After all, all’s well that ends well.