Many of us grow watching the WWE match being finished by tombstone piledriver. Its interesting to watch and this move thrills our body.

How to use this maneuver?

Simply grab your opponent, Turn him upside down and than drop him in sitting position or kneeling down on his head on to the mat and there you go!! you win the game. peace Of Cake 😉

Who invented this maneuver?

Ah. This is though ..but
it is said this technique was invented by Wild Bill Longson.

Who use tombstone piledriver as their finishing move?

Many wrestlers use tombstone piledriver as their finishing move such as super star Bret the hit man Hart, The big Red Machine Kane and the Undertaker, tough Kane and Undertaker are the master of that move and are allowed to use it on regular basis

Why the name tombstone piledriver?

The name is taken from the construction equipment called pile driver which is use to make the hole in the wood. Similarly the move looks like the pile driver. The process is called pile driving and in WWE the victim of the move is called ” The person is pile driven ”

This move is so dangerous that it finished the historic Career of Stone cold Steve Austin and as a result this move was banned by WWE but WWE has allowed the move to carry on by Kane and The Undertaker because of their massive strength, power, height and experience.

With the help of this move undertaker created a world record, in Wrestle Mania having 21-0. No wrestler was able to defeat undertaker until Brock came and broken the streak. After considering the risk and chance of ending the career WWE changed the style of original tombstone piledriver, several times which weakens the impact of this move, now the wrestlers don’t drop opponent’s head on to the mat but keep it tuck between their legs then on to the mat..thus reducing the risk of major injury related to head.

So how many types of moves are there?

There are many types of this move:-

a) Cradle piledriver
b) Back-to-belly piledriver
c) Cross-arm piledriver
d) Flip piledriver
e) Double underhook piledriver
f) Jumping piledriver
g) Kneeling piledriver
h) Kryptonite Krunch
I) Pulling piledriver
j) Wheelbarrow driver
k) Vertical suplex piledriver
L) Vertebreaker
m) Spike piledriver
n) Texas piledriver
O) Scoop side piledriver
p) Pumphandle reverse piledriver
q) Reverse piledriver
(Source Wikipedia.)

After considering we’re thinking who is the master of this move? Can we become master ? haha

Yes you can any ways jokes apart !!! The Undertaker is considered the master of the game and probably hit pile drivers more than 500 times which brought him the victories. Clearly he is the perfectionist in this regard.

This move looks good and used in many movies worldwide to catch eyes of spectators and to show the dominance of this move like International Khiladi, Khiladiyo ka Khiladi and many more in which undertaker is the character. This move symbolizes ‘The Dead Man The Undertaker’

There are many finishing move that are used by many wrestlers but tombstone piledriver has its own identity and class. It is the main move and rated as the greatest as it requires proper judgement, power, skills, strength and height to do this maneuver.

Most people who love watching WWE love enjoying watching tombstone piledriver and it often symbolizes the victory unless the person isn’t Brock Lesner, Shaun Michael or The Triple HHH , who had survived several attacks of tombstone piledriver.

How the hell on earth anyone survived such a maneuver?

Because they are too powerful and experienced athletes and then the technique used to perform the move was different from as it is now.
Then it was unsafe but now it is designed to reduce the risk of injuries by changing the move. So now a wrestler has to work hard to get a victory.

But nevertheless there is no move like this, wasn’t like this or won’t be like this.