When everything is OK,

We are with our parents treating them as the reflection of god.


When everything is at least,

We behaved to them in an ignoring manner having known that we are in our teenage with unlimited energy to earn.


Even then they remained calm with a smile on their face as their love on us never expected something in return.

When we got engulfed into our busy life,

We thought that they are really burdened to us and thus we decided to leave them in old age homes which give a feeling of tomb construction to them by us when they are still alive.


So great we are!

Actually, where are we & what are we without them?


We honourably practical souls,

Merely forgot the place where we spent nearly nine months in the mother’s womb and came out by causing a great difficult to her.

Even here she had a choice to abolish us in her womb itself but she did not do it because she is a mother.


Thereafter we are brought up healthily and happily by getting all our necessities being fulfilled by our father.

But he never thought “Why should I take care and waste my earned pennies on us?”

And this is because he is a father.


We the great ‘broad-minded’ people do take such toxic decisions,

Because we do not have any values of a real bond, do not have true feelings, do not have any hearty emotions and totally we do not have a lively life.

And this is because we got addicted to temporary happiness which lasts only for few seconds but makes us take decisions on our lively bonds.




Hey!! People realise.

Actually, what are we striving for? What are we learning And most important of them all, what are we living for?


Just think! Parents are those who has taken care of us and are still doing.

Please never let us leave our parents in such old age homes where they will be waiting for us for days and nights such that they could talk to us.

No let us never create such a position to our parents,

Instead let us take care of them as they have done to us in our child hood.


We all know that Parents are the reflection of the Lord.

But we pray to the Lord by leaving our parents aside will our prayers really work out if this is the situation?


“Even God will not respond to you,

If you pray to him by ill treating your parents!”

Said Mahatma Gandhi Ji


Praying does not mean lightening candles, breaking coconuts and all.

Indeed it implies the true care that should be taken towards our parents.


Let us just make our parents feel proud of us and make them happy by being along with them in our lifethrough out their life.

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