Lucy, a girl with quiet lips, but a wild mind. Awake at 3 in the morning, lying in her bed, she gazes at the stars that hold the moon till she feels like she is one of them She smiles and closes her eyes as the familiar sweet tinkle of the wind chimes sing her a gentle lullaby. She wakes up with a start as a beam of sunlight falls across her face. Groaning, she sits up on her bed and pulls the curtains back together. She gets out of bed to make herself a cup of coffee. Living alone had taught her how little she liked to share her home with people. After her second year of college, she realized she was done with inviting people that now she no longer was in touch with to her home, and taking undue advantage of the freedom she had always wanted. She now wishes she hadn’t been in such a hurry to grow up. Those late night parties and getting wasted just to wake up with a hammering hangover the next day. Her constant companion throughout her “YOLO” phase was coffee. Though her friends talked about how it kept them up all night, she had always been a blissfully unaffected night owl, simply relishing the bitter sweet taste of it.


During college where most of her friends had lost themselves in the madness of their youth, she refused to let go of who she was. No matter how eventful the day was or how much her phone had been blowing up to attend another party, she always ended up in her bed with a cup of coffee and a book to read. She had never followed the herd, neither had she succumbed to peer pressure. She had tried out things because she had always been a curious human being. Lucy did not believe in forming an opinion based on the things she had merely heard. She was aware that false beliefs could be dangerous.


As she takes a sip of her coffee, she thinks about all the temptations that she could have fallen prey to. She smiles as she remembers the time when her mother had told her how too much of anything could cause harm to a person. This was a lesson that would stay with her for a lifetime.

‘The mistakes that I make, all the wrong things that I chase,
The sins that I commit, and the paths that I stray
All the times when I am lost, every time that I fall
But I promise, I will always find my way back to who I am, even when I am no longer in the same place.’



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