A young boy of about the age of ten, took a pair of bangles of his mother’s, and wore it his hands. He stood in front of the mirror and placed a bindhi on his forehead. He took his sister’s lipstick and applied it on his lips mildly, and while he was admiring his reflection on the mirror, he saw the image of his mother. Now, his heart yearned for admiration from his mother, and he expected that she would say that he looks beautiful, but rather he saw the blazing anger equal to hundred suns on her face.

A few hours passed with complete silence, after which the father of the boy arrives. Now, the boy has fallen down on the road outside the house, and the father has a long cane in his hand. “Why were you born to us? Run out somewhere, and don’t come back. Why is our fate so pathetic that we have to manage with you? I feel so ashamed to be your father. How would I face the society with you doing like this? Just flee somewhere and don’t come back” said the father.

Though the boy remained silent, there is a question mark on his eyes which was filled with tears, and that asked, “Is this all my fault?” With a yearning heart to find the hands of compassion, the boy started walking, and he gradually vanished to the eyes of his parents. The focus is on the life of boys of this kind, and would figure out what would be their future after this stage.

Transgenders are generally not accepted by the society, and they are specifically expelled out of their house by their own parents, fearing that they might be subjects of negative criticism for fostering such a kid. But the life of a transgender doesn’t stop there. They join together as a community, live together as a family. Like any other community, they have folklores which they pass on to their successors.

The stories usually have transgender characters in them, which depict the characters of accomplishment. They celebrate a very few specific festivals which mark their tradition, and they have songs for themselves. Looking at this community from a scientific perspective, they don’t bear any sort blame for being born so. It is because of the excess of chromosome, when the baby is formed in the womb of the mother. While they belong to one gender physically, they belong to another gender mentally and therefore a combination of both. They choose not to reproduce, though a very few have the ability to reproduce, and they undergo a surgery to refer to themselves as transgenders.