When we hear to the name “ BHAGATH SINGH”  immediately our blood turns into fire and our eyes turn to red and a zeal of positive energy for freedom starts arousing all through our veins to quench the thirst of being real INDIAN.

He lived only for 23 years (September 27th 1907 to March 23rd 1931) span but stood as an inspiration to every Indian today.

He used slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” given by Mohani where the slogan means’Long Live Revolution’ .

  He started an Indian Youth Organization known as Naujawan Bharath Sabha in 1916.

And our great legend has given his last breath in the war field of freedom struggle on 23rd March 1931 and left us into dark because he was whole bright light for our India freedom.

India that we are seeing today, enjoying today is all the gift given by such number of great legends who sacrificed everything for our happiness.