“I know you will be late…” said he, the man who holds all of mine. Yes, he and I being in our 10th and 12th standards are having a tough time to meet and spend time together because of these damn board exams that are about to arrive within a month of time, that no student in their life would ever wish for.

It has been 18 days since we met and since today morning, the butterflies in my stomach have started their work even though they are hours left to see his face, my hot man and his naughty look that never fails to get replied with my shyness.

It has been a tiring Sunday for we had our weekly tests in our tuitions on major papers that break our everyweek. Dear exams, you better get a partner and elope off the world. You sprain our neckwith the‘Find x’ in Mathematics and the unbalanced equations that are still hanging in our notes.

Okay, studies apart. And here is my man who has returned from his test on this cloudy evening to our usual spot, the Tea Stall by the beach, after trying hard to balance the equations in Chemistry, though failed as usual but with the lava in his volcano of love boiling to its highest degree of temperature in our branch of Chemistry.

I walked towards him, he who was sitting on his bicycle, gazing at me with that smile, the smile that’s full of soul. “I know you will be late” said he, with a little grunt on his face. But he is not angry for he could not be so with me. Eyeing on each other with onlyyards of distance between us, he took my hands and we started to walk towards the beach.

The clock is ticking and the time is 7 now. The breeze started to chill us more for it doesn’t know that our hearts have already chilled more. We summed up all the weeks’ happening in a few hours of time – We talked about the classes, forever irritating test, our plans for the upcoming years and more of all, we talked love! The kite of silence between us flew higher and higher in the air of the violet sheet that has spread over the orange floor of the sky and our legs walked closer and towards the shore, our feet moved.

“How beautiful is she!”

“I always am!” said I, with my face blushing.

“I meant the sea”, he said and laughed. I stepped on his little toe. Both of us laughed and made our footprints on the shore and uttered words of love that the sea breeze promised to take them to our pioneers, Adam and Eve. Words then dulled with the inevitable passion brightening on its side. He came closer holding my fingers tight. I turned to him to see his eyes with the fading backdrop. I needed to elevate my sight for I always wondered how tall my man could be! Touching his hip, my hands moved over his shirt to get the hold of his collar. The waves touched our feet enhancing its effect for a more beautiful evening.

All that went through my head was that within few minutes of time, I have to get home and these are the moments that I need to cherish with my man. I moved closer as he watched me with that curve on one side of his lip, the triggering stimuli of his. I pushed the entire frame of my body up, pulled him little down by his collar and kissed him until the tongues played the cobra game and I slipped my step in the tip toe kiss that ended in laughter that made me scorn him for not staying in his position that made him laugh even more, “It’s you who always wanted to kiss”, said he and with a kick on his knee as my reply, he giggled and lifted me up and kissed passionately as the moon made its mark in the dark sky.We tried to talk love, but our love muted us!

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