Christmas is the season of love. It is the time when hopes are revived. When happiness is always on the way.
The time between Christmas and a New Year are short hence we take Christmas as the season of new beginnings.

It is a much awaited season for Christians as they commemorate it as the day or night per se when Jesus Christ, the Savior was born.

Nevertheless it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor among people from different religious background. Children look forward to carols and Santa Claus.

All year parents ask their kids to be good so that Santa can reward them. It is the season of giving and sharing love.

Hymns are sung, cakes and wine are savored. Gifts are exchanged.
The spirit of Christmas lifts the heart.

Christmas is my personal favorite. I always look forward to spending jolly time with family and friends. I ponder on the year that went by and be greatful to God for all his blessings. As my spirits are revived, I make new resolutions and forgive and forget any past misgivings.. I look forward to a new beginning.

This year sadly I will be working at my office. I won’t be able to spend time with my family and friends. I won’t be able to devour the delicacies my mother would make.

What I would do is carry my good cheer to my colleagues. Everything happens for a reason. I  am sure that its in God’s plans that I must be at work.

Today as I was coming back from my office, it had already gotten dark outside. As my cab was stuck in the traffic I looked around outside the window. I saw a lady sitting on the footpath with a child.She was hugging or clinging on to her child trying to fill him with warmth. She was shivering. I felt very sad.

I couldn’t imagine that the poor lady will be all alone especially on a Christmas Eve in miserable condition. I stepped outside my cab and I offered my warm clothes to the lady. She looked at me gratefully. She was overwhelmed with emotions. I smiled at her gently and wrapped her in my shawl. I removed every bit of my warm clothes and presented it to her.

Luckily, I had  a chocolate bar as well in my bag which I offered the child. The smile and gratitude I received from the little, sweet boy filled my heart with joy and warmth.

I wasn’t able to stay long as the traffic signal was about to turn green.I wished them a “Merry Christmas” and left.

I know there are millions of homeless people in the world. They won’t have the same Christmas celebration as we do. I can’t help them all but I think I did my little bit my helping the lady and spreading love and goodwill.

This I think is the true spirit of Christmas.
Kindness is a virtue we all must possess. This Christmas let us all do our part and help atleast one poor and deprived person. Let us spread our happiness and love to the needy.

Only then would we truly experience the spirit of Christmas!

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

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