Today when I went to a shop and was buying grocery, at that time shopkeeper’s little daughter came to her father asking money to buy something to eat during her tiffin break. The shopkeeper gave her a 10 rupees note. But she was not happy and said that in 10 rupees she will be able to eat one packet of chips and to eat something good she needs at least 20 rupees…. So, the shopkeeper gave her another 10 rupees note. Taking the money she went on her way to school.
Looking at the whole scenerio I got nostalgic. I took my stuffs from the shop and took a rickshaw to my home. On my way to home I was wondering how days have changed. In my school days I remember I used to get 2 rupees as my pocket money every day. This 2 rupees coin gave us so much of happiness. Because that got us 4 puchkas / 4 samosas with hari chutney / 1 plate of ghugni nd parantha/ one coconut kulfi / 25 gms of pakodas nd many more. In short a 2 rupees coin can buy us a whole good tiffin.
Sometimes when we saved every day’s pocket money and used it at the end of week, it would be feast for us. Because at the end of the week we had 12 rupees with that we used to good feast on some Saturdays. I used to love the feeling. Today I feel no one can understand the value of happiness in that 2 rupees. I feel that happiness is absent in a 10 rupees note. I don’t I am right or wrong. It’s just a feeling.

Missing childhood.

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“Today I am in control because I want to be. I have my fingers on the switch, but have lived a lifetime ignoring the control I have over my own world. Today is different.”