Types of kisses


# 1 A Lip Kiss

The ‘lip kiss’ is all about kissing and lingering on your partner’s lips with nothing but love.Tongues,O please!Not at all The ‘lip kiss’ is about comforting your partner and showering them with your attention. It is not so much about progressing into lovemaking. It is a way of showing that you care for your partner– deeply and truly.

# 2 Nibble Nibble– the single lip kiss

The ‘single lip kiss’ the most sensous type of kiss ever.It is all about nibbling one of the lips of your partner. One of the partners can take the lead and nibble on, while the other can take it easy and respond subtly. Just enjoy the sensation, and do not get carried away with the biting part.

# 3 The reverse kiss

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The reverse kiss is on its way to achieve cult status in the kissing hall of fame,A Big thanks to Spiderman! Remember, how he dangled upside down on his web and kissed Mary Jane in the movie? Yeah That is exactly how the reverse kiss works. Sneak behind your partner when he or she is seated or lying on the bed, tilt their head back and lock lips in the reverse position.

# 4 The Teaser Kiss

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Now if you want to is tease your partner a little! Run your tongue sensuously on your partner’s lips, and plant a kiss at the edge of his/her mouth. Kiss and nibble the edges of your lover’s mouth, but do not kiss the lips, just yet. This one is a real teaser and it would get your darling to grab you in no time.

# 5 Neck Kiss

images (5)Girls, leave this one to your man to try out, you just sit back and enjoy the sensation. So guys, hug your partner closely, place your mouth on her collar bone and work way to her lips.Or you can move behind your partner and start by placing a kiss on the nape of her neck, and then work it up to her ear. Just remember to make your journey as passionate as possible. This kiss is also called the ‘Vampire’ kiss because of the way your man’s lips move on your neck.

# 6 The Ignition Kiss

images (6)The ‘ignition’ kiss can ignite that subdued romantic bone in your partner.Starting by planting feather-light kisses on your beloved’s forehead. Move down to kiss your partner’s eyes, nose and every other part of the face. Add a short ‘teaser’ in this as well. And, now brace yourself, as you have just unleashed the waves of passion in your lover!

# 7 The Earlobe kiss

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Ears are one of the most sensual parts of the body, so use this to your advantage! Start your passionate night by planting a lingering kiss on your partner’s earlobe. You can lick the earlobe slighly to see their reactions change as you tease them by delaying your kisses. In between your kisses and teases, whisper something naughty in your partner’s ears, and relish the wave of thrill that runs down their spine.



So try different ways of kissing and get drenched in the passion that each of them triggers in you! Because a kiss is something that helps you to know your partner more and love more.

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