Heyguys!! This article dedicated to the most important persons of my life my parents.

We all say that our childhood were the best times of our lives.We grow up.We settle in our own lives.We have a family, a job, and responsibilities.To some or the other extent, We manage all of our responsibilities to our potential.

Unconditional love
Parents are the sole people from whom a child ca expect unconditional love.They are the people who share you happiness and sorrow equally. If you weep they do and if you laugh they do.

Financial support

Where we are today that is just because of ur parents. They helps us to perceive education and other hobbies without worry or having to work for making a living

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Moral support

Parents give moral support to us in case of falture.Doring some accident or love failure or divorce, having parents besides is a boon. They provide us strength to tackle every situation. They are the people who can console you and put back into life. Also they teach us spirituality, prayer and other aspects needed on life.

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Do you ever give a thought to this that who has made us capable or able enough to handle all this stuff. when we were kind , we did not know anything even how to handle ourself …and look at urself now you can handle everything somehow, our parents are who have made us what we are ,who we are.Whatever we are capable of, is their gift.But after all this , it was sad to realize the fact that is prevalling acoss different corners of the world. The topic of “Satyamev Jayate”, an indian telivision show was “Old Age-sunset Years, Sunshine Life”. It covers the issue of the deplorable conditions faced by the elders in india.

Few years back i was travelling through the religious place haridwar. It was around 6am in the morning.. what i saw was shamefull almost 60% of the parents were sleeping outside the home in a very miserable condition.

Its a request please respect your parents, give them respect and love. They deserve it.

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