Wedded not officially

But by our little hearts,

We met on that special day

To propose that three-worded phrase.

He caught my sight

Amidst the crowd,

The green park full of vivid flowers

But my eyes, got caught, on the one in his hand!

We sat nearby, with a gift box in between

“I know its for me”, I said.

“Yours is mine, so its mine for you”, he said.

Its golden wrapper with red hearts,

Added to my curiosity.

That made my heart pant

With that blossomed flower on the box.

He had one of his hands on it,

I seized from his capture and opened it

But was surprised by its emptiness.

My tears were almost ready to step out,

When he calmed me down with his words.

That meant more than the three-worded phrase-

“I could not sum up in this little box”


“My love!”

“So Big?”

“Yeah. A lifetime big!”