Finally Arjun is back to town. I am so excited. In college these days we spend most of the time together. We hang around and talk a lot.
Today after I came back from college and sat for a chit chat with roomies, suddenly Swasti asked me, “Tu saali relationship mein h aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi?” Even other roommates joined her saying the same. I was standing in surprise. I said, “Relationship aur main? Kiske sath? ” “Jyada bano mat… Tu aur Arjun relationship mein hain… Humein pata hai ” said Swasti. I was like what rubbish they are speaking but was happy somewhere to know us to be a couple. I said in surprise, “Hein?? Pagal hain kya?? Hum abhi bhi close friends hi hai… bus kuch din pehle I confessed my Crush on him. Bus utna hi hai.”  “Per purey college ko lagta hai tum dono relationship mein ho bus official nahi hua…,” Swasti said. “Humein hi hmare relationship bare mein nahi pata per logo ko pata hai. . Kya log hai bhai!!” I said. My roommates understood and nodded their heads.
After the whole chit chat I called up Arjun and said him everything I heard about us. We laughed for some time. Then decided to meet less often but finally thought it was impossible. So, thought let it be jab zaroorat padegi step ki tab kuch soch lenge… And continued to be as friends. I am happy that Arjun understands me so well. So proud of him. Now slowly I am falling for you Arjun.

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